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Shop FAQ

Shop Restock
My next shop restock has not been decided or announced yet. I will update this page and my social channels when there is a date.

I am not taking commissions. I will post in my social channels and update this page if and when I open up a list for commissions. I’m currently enjoying just making whatever I fancy.

I do not currently have a pre-order system in place, though I may do this in the future for select styles. I will post in my social channels and update this page if and when I do this.

Holding Items
I do not have a system for keeping items on hold. When I announce a shop update, all items I have announced for that update will go live at the same time.

Price Range
The majority of my designs are around $125 USD, depending on the design. There are exceptions that are higher or lower. As I’ve experimented with new techniques that improve quality, some of which increase production time, the average price of my dice has increased to reflect this.

I ship via USPS First-Class Mail by package weight and size. For dice, shipping rates are as follows.

United States: $4.00
Canada: $10.50
Mexico: $12.25
International outside of North America: $14.50

Shipping isn’t always a gentle process. If your order arrives damaged, I want to help.  Please bear in mind that these are hand-made dice, and as such, they will have some small flaws.  I do my best to minimize them, but no hand-made die is going to be 100% perfect.

Returns & Refunds
This shop does not offer returns and refunds, but will offer replacements for dice that arrive damaged beyond reasonable usability. Send me a message and let me know what happened.

This shop does not offer refunds or returns of any kind on digital download items.

Payment Methods
My shop uses Stripe to process credit cards, and also accepts Paypal. My best recommendation if you don’t use Paypal is to have your payment card saved to your browser for speedy checkout.

Checkout Process
Your cart does not hold an item for any amount of time while you’re checking out. If you are trying to buy an item quickly, it is wise to save your payment and mailing information to your browser so it can auto-fill. Another option is to create a customer account with your data saved.

My dice are made of resin.

Hand-made dice are never going to be perfectly balanced, but I don’t usually do big chunky or heavy inserts that would wildly throw off the balance.

I make my own molds based off my own masters. I do not sell either of them.

Do you make (other combination of dice that you have not posted)?
I make 7-piece polyhedral sets, the occasional single d20, or misfit dice from incomplete sets. I do not currently make sets of all d10, d6, or any other combination.