Illustrated portrait by Chicago artist Ali Cantarella at

Illustrated portrait by Chicago artist Ali Cantarella at

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I am a level 27 human designer in Minneapolis. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota. I am a great many things, but I am also a graphic designer at Game Informer magazine. 

A few more tidbits about me:  In spring 2014, I spent 6 months living and studying branding in the U.K. in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I can speak elementary-level French and have traveled to 14 countries. I also enjoy fabricating elaborate costumes and video game, movie, and television replica props for fun, commission,
and competition.

Enjoy my work? Want to grab coffee? Have really strong opinions about Harry Potter? Drop me a line!


Minneapolis, MN



Myers Briggs: ISTJ

House: Hufflepuff

Reading: House of Leaves

Watching: Critical Role 

Playing: Assassin's Creed Origins

Making: Custom exotic wood dice rolling trays for tabletop games